A Henge is a neolithic circular construction enclosed by a ditch and bank with entrance(s) leading to the centre. The bank is usually outside the ditch making henges unsuitable for defensive purposes. The three Thornborough Henges are unique because of their immense size (each 240 metres in diameter) and because of their relationship to each other - the entire monument covers a mile-long swathe of North Yorkshire countryside. Local people and the 'Friends of Thornborough' have an ongoing battle with Tarmac Ltd about the destruction, through quarrying, of much of the area around the henges (see below). There is also a curious ‘dog-leg’ in the alignment of the henges which appears to mirror the three stars of Orion’s belt and the three Pyramids of Ghiza.     For more on alignments click on 'Miscellany' (side bar menu). For more on quarrying around Thornborough, or to get involved in the action group go to: