The Sacred Vale and Alignments



 The Sacred Vale

Between the rivers Swale and Ure in North Yorkshire, and bounded by Catterick in the North and Boroughbridge in the South, lies The Sacred Vale. This is a landscape of gigantic religious monuments (henges) stretching back over 5,000 years. The henges seem to be positioned along two alignments (ley lines) both leading to the Devil's Arrows at Boroughbridge.





 Fig. 1: The Sacred Vale.

(From 'Henge Capital of Britain' by George Chaplin)



 Fig. 2: A more detailed view of the Thornborough alignment.


The three Thornborough Henges and the three Devil's Arrows are not in a straight line but in a 'dog-leg', a configuration which is also seen in the three Pyramids at Ghiza and the three stars of Orion's Belt.

"Researchers at Newcastle University have found the site is one of the earliest major monuments aligned to the constellation Orion. The 5,500-year-old earthworks, north of Ripon, and the Egyptian pyramids are thought to have been built to mirror Orion's Belt for its religious focus."

(From BBC News, 14th February 2006) 



Fig. 3 Alignment of Henges, Pyramids and Stars

The suggestion is that the Henges, Arrows and Pyramids deliberately mirror Orion's Belt forming a cosmically significant alignment. The patterns fit, but is this evidence or just coincidence? Which of these two 'stories' do you prefer? If you decide it's coincidence you'll be in the majority, given the tenor of the times. However,  if you decide these alignments could indicate something more profound then, in my opinion - and to adapt the words of Yann Martel - you will be choosing 'the better story'. It is, after all, always more interesting to believe in the tiger rather than in a boat full of nothing.  

Fig. 4. Pyramids and stars, stars and pyramids...

 The Pyramids and Orion

(Fig. 5)

Thornborough and Orion

(Fig. 6)




Figure 5 is Orion in the guise of an Egyptian Pharoah, striding the sky whilst invisibly linked to man's works on earth - the Great Pyramids of Ghiza.  This is definitely the better story! 

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